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What to Wear

Romantic Beach Engagement Session Florida

As your photographer, we want our couples to look their absolute best in their photos. The biggest question we get regarding engagement portrait sessions is “What should we wear?”. We have created a handy guide to help to help you on your path to the perfect outfit(s)!

Disclaimer: Rules are meant to be broken! If you are on the fence about an outfit please feel free to ask us before your engagement session for some advice!

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Your Body Type: We want you to feel your best and look your very best. If you’re wearing an outfit you are constantly adjusting or don’t like the dress from the back (I speak from personal experience) you’re not going to feel as comfortable during your session. Your photographs are worth doing some research for! For both men and women, the internet has plenty of information about what is flattering for your body shape.
  • Coordinate Colors: Look great together without being overly “match”. You know the family photos where everyone is wearing khakis and white shirts. You don’t need to dress the same to match. Look into color combinations and use a color wheel to match your unique vibe (or even wedding colors!).
  • Coordinate Styles: Match eachother by keeping an overall “feel” to your outfits that match your engagement session location’s style. Wear solid or simple patterns, these tend to look more flattering and less distracting!
  • Most Importantly: Be comfortable and have fun! You’ll have a good time with your photographer and look good doing it! Note: If you are planning on wearing heels, think about bringing a comfy pair of shoes of flip flops to walk around in between shots.)

Bringing Props to Your Session:

A fun way to make your session fun and unique is to bring props! With a fun background and interactive props, your engagement session is the perfect oppourtunity to tell your story as a couple. Think about your hobbies and incorporate some of those elements. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, too! Gather fresh flowers or snuggle under a blanket! Are you sports fanatics? Bring your football!Props can be anything that makes your relationship unique or items special to use, such as:
-A “Thank You”or “Save the Date” sign for personalized cards.


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