Davis Islands Garden Club

The Davis Islands Garden Club is a beautiful outdoor venue located on a small island in Tampa, Florida. The club features a picturesque garden with a gazebo, fountain, and plenty of greenery, making it the perfect setting for a romantic outdoor wedding. Couples can choose to have their ceremony in the garden, with the gazebo serving as the backdrop. The club also has a large patio area that can be used for cocktail hour or reception. The garden club offers several wedding packages, including a ceremony-only package, a full wedding package, and a reception-only package. The full wedding package includes use of the garden and patio for the ceremony and reception, as well as tables, chairs, and linens. The club also offers catering services and can accommodate up to 200 guests. One of the benefits of having a wedding at the Davis Islands Garden Club is the stunning natural surroundings. The garden features beautiful flowers, trees, and foliage, providing a picturesque backdrop for wedding photos. The club is also conveniently located, with easy access to downtown Tampa and the surrounding areas. Overall, the Davis Islands Garden Club is a beautiful and unique venue for a wedding, offering a picturesque outdoor setting and a range of wedding packages to fit different needs and budgets.

Davis Islands Garden Club, 81 Columbia Dr, Tampa 33606