What Type of Wedding Services Do You Provide?

We provide stylish and sophisticated wedding photography in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Key West and throughout Florida and at destinations weddings throughout the United States. We have photographed weddings in Europe, the Caribbean, Ethiopia, and Egypt. We know how to capture the beautiful moments and unique feeling of your wedding day. We will do your engagement photos session as well. In addition, we offer extensive videography services, DJ services, uplighting, and a festive, air conditioned party ready photo booth.

What Is Your Specialty?

We specialize in comprehensive wedding photography and cater the photos to match the ambiance of each individual wedding. We have photographed a wide variety of different religions and cultural traditions. We are experienced in photographing all types of couples, including the LGBTQ community.

What Is Your Experience As A Photographer?

We have photographed over 3,000 weddings in the Tampa Bay area, Sarasota, Orlando, and beyond. From Disneyworld to gorgeous coastal resorts and destinations, we have photographed at every type of wedding location. Due to our experience, we know how to best capture the beauty of all cultures and are familiar with a large variety of religious traditions. We enjoy diversity and appreciate capturing the full span of the human experience throughout the world.

How Do I View My Photos?

Once the photos are properly edited, we will give you a password for your online gallery and you will be able to view your wedding photos.

Do You Travel For Weddings?

Absolutely! We have traveled throughout the world for destination weddings. In addition, we do extensive research to scout premium photo locations for engagements and weddings beforehand.

How Soon Will I Get My Photos After The Wedding?

Your photos will be available online approximately 2 weeks after the wedding.

Can We Get Photos Of Our Pets At The Engagement Session?

Yes, feel free to include your pets at your engagement session! We know how to work with animals to capture their best selves too.

Do You Have Insurance?

Absolutely. We are fully insured and licensed in the State of Florida.

What's Included In The Wedding Services Agreement?

We offer four separate photography collection options. You have the ability to choose between our Basic, Traditional, Traditional Plus, or Signature Collections. Simply click the button below to view the details involved in each photography collection.

Do You Have A Backup Team?

We do have a backup team should anything unusual happen. We are proud to have never missed a photo session in all of our years of experience. One time, we even made a wedding on time after another car totaled our work vehicle on the way to the event. And the photos were still gorgeous!

What If It Rains On My Wedding Day?

Do not worry if it rains or there is inclement weather on your wedding day. We know how to work with lighting in a way to make your day feel beautiful no matter what the weather brings to your big day.

What is Your Specialty and Style?

Our style is your style. Whether you desire whimsical, sophisticated, or edgy, we will tailor our photography to fit your personalities and capture the uniqueness of your wedding day.

Is The Engagement Session Included With My Package?

Yes, the Traditional, Traditional Plus, and Signature Collections all include engagement session photography and multiple photographers.

How Many Photos Will I Receive?

After the wedding, we carefully edit the photos produced. The number varies depending on the details of each particular wedding. A longer, elaborate wedding with more formal moments will naturally produce a higher quantity of photographs.

What Makes You Different Than Other Photographers?

Years of wedding experience has led us to develop a unique look and style to our edited photographs. We know how to fully capture all the moments that matter to you. We are also unusual in this area because we offer an unlimited time package, so you don't have to worry about an hourly rate. We will be there for all of your big moments and little touches on your special day.

How Do We Book You For Our Wedding?

Online electronic booking is quick, easy, and available. Once you've selected your wedding package, we will email you a paperless wedding services agreement, which you can complete online via DocuSign. Once we receive the signed agreement and your retainer is paid, then your date is reserved and we are officially booked for your wedding!