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Unique Engagement Session Photography Tampa
What is your photography style?

We tell our couples the same thing, our style is YOUR style. Our team members are all trained in multiple styles of photography, from light and photojournalistic to a dramatic, fine-art influenced style.

Will you photograph other events on our wedding day?

Simply said, no. Our team photographing your wedding will be dedicated to YOU. On your wedding day, our team will only photograph your wedding- with us, you have no need to worry about those horror stories you may have heard about photographers double-booking.

How many weddings have you photographed, and have you shot weddings similar to mine?

Our team has decades of combined experience in all types of weddings. From intimate weddings to multi-day extravaganzas, our team has seen it (and photographed) it all!

How long does it take for us to get our photographs?

All wedding studios differ when it comes to the time they require for post-production. Our studio wants you to have your images as quickly as possible, most weddings have delivered photographs within two weeks.

Do you have insurance?

Yes! Our company has the proper insurance for our studio. Some venues even require proof of insurance. If your venue requires liability insurance, please contact us and we can send this proof your way!

Will you color correct my images?

Our Terms and Agreement states that our studio provides basic post-production for your wedding day images. We correct things like add sharpening, contrast, color correction, and much more!

What happens if the photographer is ill?

While it’s highly unlikely your photographer is suddenly unavailable on your wedding day, our studio will send another equally skilled photographer to your wedding. One of our favorite stories is actually about one of our photographers getting into a car accident! This photographer still made it on time to the wedding, with another professional photographer immediately on the way to make sure every moment was captured, and our couple was properly taken care of.

What attire will the photographers wear to my wedding?

Even though wedding photographers are a huge part of your wedding day, we don’t want to be distracting from your event. Our team will blend in as much as possible, typically wearing a black button down or polo, black dress pants, and all black shoes.


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