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For years, photographers, videographers and DJ’s have been creating collections based on the number of images taken, angles of video captured, or number of songs played with little thought about what really makes for the best experience on your wedding day. 

Our approach is radically different.  Why?

The answer is simple. We are just as passionate about your wedding as you are! We are here to capture images and play music as moments unfold for you naturally.


Like your wedding, you are fun, elegant, fanciful, and inspirational. Like you, your wedding will be as unique as your love for each other. Our wedding photos will creatively capture the depth of your love and your most treasured moments of your wedding day. Brad Hall Studios allows you to simply relax and rest assured your precious memories will be diligently photographed and preserved forever.

Wedding Photography Packages

We offer four distinct wedding photography packages to our clients: the Basic Collection, Traditional Collection, Traditional Plus Collection, and our Signature Collection.

Documenting your special day.

Capturing the genuine, breathtaking moments.

We find the most gorgeous, meaningful images

in your wedding and bring them to life.


We'll listen to you tell your story. You will share how you created your love with your partner and how you want your wedding day remembered.


You will share with us how you envision your wedding day. We will help you visualize how you want your day to enfold and come to life.


When your wedding day arrives, I'll watch how you interact as a couple and with the guests attending your big day. As your visual director, I'll gently lead you into the ideal photographic scenes for the most beautiful memories.

Your Tampa Bay Wedding Videographer

We pride ourselves on our wedding day movie making magic. As wedding videographers, we have the capability to make your special day into a captivating, professionally shot and produced mini-movie. Similar to our Wedding Photography Collections, we offer four distinct wedding videography collections: Basic Video Collection, Traditional Video Collection, Traditional Plus Video Collection, and the Signature Video Collection.

The Best Tampa Engagement Locations, Best Wedding Venues, And Planning the Perfect Proposal

Selecting Your Wedding Dress, The Groom's Suit, And a Wedding Checklist

Selecting Your Dress

We created a wedding dress guide to help you choose the perfect dress for your wedding day. Choosing a dress can feel intimidating, so we've broken down the process into the most important steps for you to take. With our guidance, you can enjoy the process of wedding dress shopping. Have faith and have fun; you will be able to find a dream wedding dress perfectly suited for you.

His Suit

Ah, the often overlooked groom's suit. We have a guide to help you choose everything from a stylish formal groom's tuxedo to a more casual wedding suit. The process of selecting the groom's wedding outfit can be fun and special. With some delicate planning, he will be the perfect complement to his bride.

Wedding Checklist

Why not simplify the wedding planning process? We have created this wedding checklist to guide you through the entire wedding planning experience. Planning a wedding can be exciting and fun, and our guide will help remove the wedding planning stress and instead add to the excitement and anticipation of your big day.

What Do The Best Tampa Bay Wedding Photographers Know?

This is where our photography experience comes in handy. We know how to create the ideal timeline for your day, the key wedding photographs to capture, and how to pace and angle the photographs so your most treasured memories are preserved forever. We will help you choose a We have created multiple wedding guides to help you successfully navigate the traditions, etiquette, and important decisions you'll make as your wedding day approaches. We want you to have a fun, relaxed, and joyful wedding day tailored just for you. And we'll be here to capture it all.

Wedding Traditions

Many engaged couples are unfamiliar with conventional wedding protocol and traditions. We are here to help! Our Wedding Traditions Guide walks you through many typical wedding customs. You may be seeking a traditional wedding with many traditions woven throughout your day. Or perhaps you consider several of these traditions outdated, so you decide to forgo certain customs. We've created a Wedding Traditions Guide to help you through the process, so you can have a wedding that suits you as a couple.

Bride Etiquette 101:

A Crash Course for Your Wedding Day

You may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by all that is expected of you on your wedding day. Have no fear, we're here with a simple, straightforward guide to help you feel calm and collected when your big day arrives. Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life and our Bride Etiquette Guide will help you navigate your wedding day so you can fully experience the joy of getting married in front of your loved ones.


You will have stylish, whimsical, gorgeous images of one of the most meaningful days of your life. We will capture your unique love as a couple. And the people in your life who love and cherish you too.

I'm Brad Hall


I've had brides and grooms say my photos capture their most treasured moments. Through my photographs, they are able to reflect on those precise emotions they felt on their wedding day. I use my wedding photography expertise to tell the story of your big day.

I document the details, the wedding venue, and the people you love and invite to celebrate with you. For the past 14 years, I have worked exclusively as a Tampa Bay wedding photographer.

When I first began photographing weddings, I didn't have the heart to stop photographing a couple if they ran out of their alloted hourly photography time. They still had big moments to capture, but their time was up. So I didn't stop taking photos and I decided to give my clients unlimited photography time on their wedding day. We are hired for the event and not the hour.

My objective is to give you naturally stunning photographs suited perfectly for you. You will be able to look at those photographs decades from now and relive those moments exactly how they unfolded.

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