Planning the Perfect Proposal


Shhhhh.....Keep it a secret

Talk to people who are close to you as a couple, in addition to people who know your partner very well

  1. Think about your partner's wants and needs
  2. Location, location, location. Plan a spot that's meaningful to you and your partner, a place that has meaning to you as a couple
  3. Select the right photographer to discreetly snap photos from the moment you get down on one knee
  4. Go through the necessary steps by doing a walk through of the big moment
  5. Have a plan B in case there is inclement weather or something comes up to interfere with your proposal
  6. Think through what you're going to say
  7. Time your proposal to consider the light at that time of day, your partner's mood, and the surrounding environment



You deserve photos that will preserve the element of surprise and capture the emotions you both feel in the moment

You will be able to relive the emotions of your proposal for decades with our photos.


Your proposal session is a great opportunity for us to show you the type of photographs we produce. We know how to discreetly be on the scene with a camera, but hidden enough to not tip your partner off. Leave the inconspicuous part to us, we have a lot of practice!


If you desire, we can sit down with you to discuss the best location for your marriage proposal. Are you an outdoor couple that loves the beach? Or is a trendy urban restaurant more your scene? Is the place where you met close by? Many couples get engaged in places that are meaningful to them. We know how to position ourselves carefully, so the photos are flattering and your excitement is captured.


We are very familiar with many romantic indoor and outdoor proposal locations in Tampa Bay and beyond. Before you pop the question, we will discuss the ideal location with you and find a discreet spot for us to photograph your big moment. We will find the best angles and lighting, given the time of day you decide to propose.


Our videography team is dedicated to capturing the emotions of your wedding day. We will film your ceremony, reception, toasts, and dancing from multiple well-lit angles. With our cinematography team, you will be able to relive the joy of your wedding day for decades to come.

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