Rialto Theatre

Weddings at the Rialto Theater in Tampa are a unique and elegant experience. The theater, which was built in 1917, has a grand and historic feel, with beautiful architecture and a vintage charm.

The theater can accommodate up to 300 guests for a wedding ceremony and reception. The main event space, the Grand Ballroom, features a beautiful stage, a high ceiling, and ornate details. There is also a smaller space, the Mezzanine, which is perfect for a more intimate gathering.

One of the unique features of the Rialto Theater is its vintage marquee, which can be customized for the couple's special day. The theater also has a full-service catering kitchen, which can accommodate any catering needs.

The Rialto Theater offers a variety of wedding packages, including a ceremony-only package, a reception-only package, and a full-service package. The full-service package includes everything from the ceremony and reception to the catering, floral arrangements, and music.

Overall, weddings at the Rialto Theater are a luxurious and memorable experience for couples and their guests.