Urban Stillhouse

Urban Stillhouse is a unique event venue located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The venue is a working distillery that produces craft spirits, and features a tasting room, a production area, and a covered patio that can be used for events. The tasting room can accommodate up to 100 guests for a seated reception and the covered patio can be used for outdoor ceremonies or cocktail receptions.

Urban Stillhouse offers a variety of event services and amenities, including catering, lighting and sound equipment, and event planning and coordination. The venue also provides a unique and industrial setting for weddings and is ideal for couples looking for a non-traditional and unique venue.

One of the main advantages of having a wedding at Urban Stillhouse is the ability to incorporate the distillery into the wedding theme and decor. The venue's tasting room and production area can be used as a backdrop for photos and can also be used as a unique setting for a cocktail reception or after party. Additionally, the venue's team can provide custom cocktails or signature drinks that can be created using the distillery's own spirits.

However, it's important to note that being a working distillery, the venue may have limitations in terms of noise and timing, so couples should consult with the venue's event team to understand the restrictions. Also, the venue does not have on-site parking, so couples will have to plan accordingly for that.

Overall, Urban Stillhouse is a great option for couples looking for a unique and industrial venue for their special day, offering a versatile space, custom cocktails and a unique setting that can be a perfect fit for any wedding style and size.

Urban Stillhouse Weddings

Urban Stillhouse, 2232 5th Ave S, St. Petersburg 33712